Flash Company. A Handkerchief Show at Cecil Sharp House

A Handkerchief Show at Cecil Sharp House

Continuing a visual arts programme under the curation of artist-in-residence Matthew Cowan, the English Folk Dance and Song Society is pleased to present Flash Company, A Handkerchief Show at Cecil Sharp House.This exhibition is a group show of new work by a diverse range of contemporary artists from the UK, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A and Japan taking as a starting point a humble white handkerchief. Artists working in a wide range of media have been invited to take part, and all have been sent a single handkerchief with which to work. The resulting works will be hung at Cecil Sharp House, the home of the English Folk Dance and Song Society.

Looking beyond their prime role in the dancing kit of Morris dancers, handkerchiefs have a rich history in the framework of society. From high fashion to perfect manners and sexual politics, the handkerchief has played its part as an essential accessory. The show takes its name from the folk song of the same name, a jaunty tale of handkerchiefs and ruin.The finished works will be hung in Cecil Sharp House throughout May and June, and entry to the show is free.
30 April – 28 June (Tues - Sat, 10am - 6pm)

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Artists Participating in the show:

Lawrence Abu-Hamdan, David Beech, Mike Berners-Winters, Catherine Bertola, Bishi & Giles Pearson, Michelle Bloom, Gwen Brinton, Gail Burton, Maurice Carlin, Ele Carpenter, Billy Childish, Emma Cowan, Matthew Cowan, Michael Davies, Alec Finlay, David Foggo, Sarah Foque, Mami Fujita, Jon Garlick, Rachael Gorchov, James Johnson-Perkins, Paul Hearn/Lustrous Chemistry, Zuzana Lola Hruskova, Lee Hunter, Kathryn Johnson, Alan Kane, Maiko Kobayashi, Serena Korda, Sonya Lacey, John Lawrence, Sam Lee, Caterina Lewis, Hayley Lock, Peter Locke, Cathy Lomax, Anna Maltz, Hannah Maybank, David McKeren, Pete McPartlan, Erin O'Connor, David Owen, Hyungji Park, Michal Pashtan & Matthew Green, Clare Qualmann, Nic Rawling, Adam Rompel, Marianne Shorten, Helen Smith, Rose Smith, John Stark, Keara Stewart, Matt Stokes, Maggie Tran, Clare Undy, Graeme Walker, Clare Wilson

Private View: 29 April, 6pm
Cecil Sharp House
2 Regents Park Road